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Welcome to BoGodt mægleren, translated to ‘live well Real estate’! We are your local real estate agent in Billund, Grindsted and surrounding cities.
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Are you looking for a new home?
Then we are the right people to help. Buying a home is for most people the biggest decision and investment they make. We would like to hear from you so that we can keep an eye out for a home that suits your exact needs. We take pride in helping you move on to the right home - or to a home that can become the right home. We also help to see possibilities and solutions.
If you fall in love with a house that we does not have for sale, remember that Camilla is a trained buyer's adviser, so she can help you through the sale with good advice.
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Sell your home
Security all the way
When you put your home up for sale, it is often a big decision. When you hand over the keys to BoGodt, it is our greatest task to be the key to a good house sale, with good communication, a conscientious approach and security through the house sale for you as a seller. You should never be in doubt that we will do whatever it takes to sell your home for the right price and to the right buyers.
Do not hesitate to give us a call or send an email to get a no-obligation sales assessment. It's free, maybe apart from a single cup of coffee. We look forward to seeing you and your home!
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Who is ‘BoGodt mægleren’?
Innovative and alternative
We are in a market where it is not enough to do as usual. A home sale must be rethought and worked on in the coming time. So, is it crazy to start BoGodt now? No, we think it is necessary. We bring a new energy, new thinking, and alternative solutions, which we are convinced that the housing market needs in a time when it is becoming difficult to sell and more challenging to buy.
We are a family-runed estate agency where we have our heart with us in our work and will go the extra mile to sell your property. We have our finger on the pulse both in relation to the market, marketing and alternative ways to go, so that we can adapt the sales strategy exactly to your home. And we know the market quite well, with over 100 years of local knowledge combined.
At BoGodt you are a big customer - and not one out of many.
The key to a good home sale
BoGodt wants to be the key to a good and safe home sale. We do it because we think it's fun and because we want to approach each house sale individually and innovatively, without restrictions that can exist in the chains. BoGodt’s success criterion is to provide you as a seller with a home sale where the key concepts are good and close communication, to ensure security with a conscientious approach and a tenacious effort. We want to sell your house in the best way, we want to go the extra mile and we want to have fun in the process. Doesn't that sound very cool?
Experience and a versatile team
At BoGodt, we come from various backgrounds, including primarily within the brokerage industry, where we have experience in both chain stores and independent stores. We will bring the best of both worlds. In addition, we are also trained in the social work sector and the financial sector. It will be an advantage for you as both buyer and seller because we will be a versatile team that can each contribute with something different. All three of us were born and raised in Billund and Grindsted, which is why we know the areas very well. Yes, that is probably an understatement, because we know most cycle paths, schools, institutions and the beautiful natural areas better than most. Don't hesitate - we'll be happy to give you a tour!
We want to be different
We want to be different and make things smarter because it makes sense and creates value for us and for you as a seller or buyer. For that reason, we do not have a shop, but work from home, including sitting at Kurt's on Sønderkær in Billund. And why is that? The majority of our time, yes we will spend it out with you. We think it makes sense to come to your home, in the house to which you have handed over the key and which is the center of the collaboration, regardless of whether you are going to sell or buy. This means that you don't have to look after the children or spend transport time getting to us on a busy day when you must hold meetings with us. In this way, we get to know your house even better and we can sit in a safe environment and feel the atmosphere in the home. This means that we are best equipped to sell the home in the best possible way.
We look forward to the housing journey and getting to know you and your home well, so that we can get the best sale.
Who are we?
The people behind BoGodt
My name is Camilla, I was born in 1993 and I am a real estate agent in BoGodt. I was born and raised in Billund. My family and part of my network still live in Billund, Høgelund and Grindsted and works on LEGO, which is why my attachment to the area has always been great. And I have been looking forward to coming home!
I am a trained real estate agent, buyer's agent, and social worker. I previously worked in an EDC store in Odense, where I sold everything from agriculture and villas to apartments and cooperative housing. I want to create freedom in a sale, and I want to have a close and trusting communication with my buyers and sellers as well as create a transparent housing world. I am persistent and hardworking.
''It is not difficult to sell houses in a progressive market but selling the house in a market that is challenged requires a completely different piece of work and requires new thinking, creativity and daring. And there it will be great to be allowed to be creative and innovative, so we still succeeded in selling homes, even though the market can seem like a challenge''.
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+45 81 72 88 82
My name is Kurt, I was born in 1965 and live with my girlfriend Maybrith on Søndekær in Billund. I have a daughter and the first grandchild. I was born and raised in Billund, have ALWAYS lived in Billund and therefore know Billund quite well. Have always been active - most of my adult life, mainly with badminton and cycling. I am a qualified economist (HD-R) and have always worked with finance and administration. I have broad experience in business development, work processes, property administration, financial management, IT and HR.
I have always had a great interest in housing and properties. I have had several homes abroad as well as holiday homes in Denmark, including in Lalandia Billund. I have good experience with renting out holiday homes, both in relation to letting agencies and how to optimize your earnings from the rental house. This applies to both his income and his expenses at the summer house.
When someone like me is "established", it naturally means that I am very happy for our local community and Billund Municipality. For many years I have worked outside Billund - and in that connection found out how much Billund Municipality has to offer both young and old.
As "locally born", I will do my best to help the seller complete a safe and conscientious sale.
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+45 20 68 34 69
My name is Lucas and I was born and raised in Grindsted, but I have spent the last 4-5 years in Aarhus to absorb as much experience as possible. Now I have returned to my roots in Billund/Grindsted and surroundings and am ready to give it all I got!
If I had to describe myself, I am a mood bomb who loves to spread good energy. I am not afraid to think outside the box and am willing to go the extra step, so you get the best experience. My great passion lies in real estate, and I am privileged to work with it on a daily basis.
With me as your real estate agent, you get a tenacious man on the job, where you will experience innovative thinking, world-class service, and an effort where I am willing to go the extra mile.
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+45 24 45 15 77